Principal Investigator

Mathew J. Reeves

Mathew J. Reeves
Dr. Mathew Reeves is the PI (Principal Investigator) of the MISTT study. The MISTT study represents a natural extension of the work he has been doing over the last 20 years which has focused on the quality of care provided to stroke patients and their long term outcomes. Most of this work has been done using data from large scale stroke registries such as Get-With-the-Guidelines (GWTG)-Stroke and the Michigan Coverdell Stroke Registry. In collecting patient-reported outcomes directly from stroke patients, the MISTT study represents an important new horizon in this line of work.

Dr. Reeves is currently a Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University. His prior training includes a PhD in Epidemiology from the University of Pennsylvania, and clinical training as a veterinary surgeon from the University of Liverpool (England), and Colorado State University. Prior to becoming a faculty member at Michigan State University in 2000, he worked as a Chronic Disease Epidemiologist at the Centers of Disease Control, and was assigned to state health departments in Wisconsin and Michigan.


Anne Hughes
Anne Hughes

Anne K. Hughes, PhD, LMSW is an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work at Michigan State University. Her research focuses on improving the health and quality of life of older adults and their families, particularly those facing chronic illness. Her research interests are informed by her experience as a clinical social worker in multiple health care settings and in home care. She is dedicated to patient-centered research that enhances quality of life. She currently serves as co-investigator on the MISTT project. She is responsible for oversight of the Social Work Case Management intervention.

Paul Freddolino

Paul P. Freddolino

Paul P. Freddolino is Professor of Social Work at Michigan State University and Visiting Professor in the Personal Social Services Research Unit at the London School of Economics (LSE). Dr. Freddolino has conducted externally funded research in community health, mental health, substance abuse, child welfare, and services for older adults. Recent projects have included several studies involving technology-based services for low-income older adults. He is currently working at MSU on a randomized controlled trial of a technology tool for stroke patients and their caregivers in transition home after hospital discharge, as well as a project at the LSE related to technology tools and technology-supported services for people with dementia and their caregivers.

Sarah J. Swierenga

Sarah J. Swierenga

Dr. Sarah J. Swierenga is Director of Michigan State University Usability/Accessibility Research and Consulting (UARC) and Professor by Courtesy in the Department of Media and Information. A researcher and a practitioner with over 25 years of experience in the scientific study of users in commercial, government, healthcare, military, and academic environments, Sarah possesses extensive skills in user-centered design, and usability and accessibility methodologies. She has presented widely on health communication information technology, usability evaluation with people with disabilities, mobile usability evaluation, accessible electronic voting systems, and outdoor recreation knowledge management, which comprise her research programs. Sarah is also a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE). View Sarah’s LinkedIn Profile for more information.

Amanda Toler Woodward

Amanda Woodward

Dr. Amanda T. Woodward is an Associate Professor and MSW Programs Director in the School of Social Work at Michigan State University. Her research focuses on improving access to services for older adults and understanding the ways in which individuals combine professional and informal services and supports. She is particularly interested in issues related to racial/ethnic disparities and how these processes vary across international contexts. Dr. Woodward is a co-investigator on the MISTT project with a focus on issues related to data management and analysis.

Constantinos K. Coursaris

Constantinos K. Coursaris

Dr. Constantinos K. Coursaris is Associate Chairperson, Director of Graduate Studies, and Associate Professor in the Department of Media and Information; he holds a second appointment as Associate Professor in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations. He is also Professor by Courtesy in Usability/Accessibility Research and Consulting. His formal training consists of a B.Eng. in Aerospace, an MBA in e-Business, and a Ph.D. in Information Systems with a concentration on electronic business (e-Business) and mobile commerce (m-Commerce).

Constantinos studies user motivations, expectations, and experiences with new media and the consequent design implications with a focus on social systems. His current research interests lie in the intersection of usability and mobile technologies for the purpose of health and/or commercial applications. He supplements his research expertise with consulting on social media for governance and/or marketing, and has trained diverse organizations in North America, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Follow him @DrCoursaris, visit his academic website, or his consulting website.

Project Manager

Michele Fritz

Michele Fritz

Michele Fritz is a master’s level trained epidemiologist with 11 years of clinical research experience. She received her bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Technology from the College of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University (MSU) and completed her master’s coursework through the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics in the College of Human Medicine (CHM), MSU. She has been licensed as a veterinary technologist in the state of Michigan since 2006.
Michele serves as the project manager for the Michigan Stroke Transitions Trial (MISTT) and is passionate about helping to bridge the gaps between research and clinical practice.


Key Personnel


Stroke Case Managers

Kristen Boeskool (Lansing area)

Diane Fusilier-Thompson (Ann Arbor area)

Debra Montgomery (Lansing area)

Amy Nagaj (Ann Arbor area)

Hospital Recruiters

Kirsta Bray (University of Michigan Hospitals)

Danielle Rhodes (Sparrow Hospital, Lansing)

Emily Downes (Sparrow Hospital, Lansing)

Lindsay Ross (Sparrow Hospital, Lansing)

Alina Farah (St. Joseph Mercy, Ann Arbor)

Jane Ferraro (St. Joseph Mercy, Ann Arbor)

Jill Brown (St. Joseph Mercy, Ann Arbor)

Data Collection Team (MSU)

Garrett Reichle

Taylor Seaton

Shyamali Mukerjee

Brent Strong

Bridget Walker